New sanitizer formulation w/Isopropanol, NOT ethanol!

Hand and Surface Sanitizer Spray

Hand and Surface Sanitizer Spray

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Hand and Surface Sanitizer Spray

Are you looking for a convenient, fast-drying hand sanitizer that doesn’t smell like you just left the bar?

Our exclusive Hand and Surface Sanitizer Spray is made from exactly four ingredients: 75% Isopropyl Alcohol, Purified Water, Glycerin, and Vitamin E. 75% isopropyl alcohol does have an alcohol scent, but it fades within seconds due to our fast-drying formula. This spray is incredibly versatile! Spray liberally on hands, table surfaces, door handles, or on anything you wish to sterilize.

Our Hand and Surface Sanitizer Spray satisfies the CDC recommendation of using an alcohol-based hand rub containing greater than 70% isopropanol. 

Why this brand is “All Good”:

All Good USA was founded on the principal that, by producing and selling products made exclusively in the USA, our national economy will become stronger and more sustainable.

  • Products are made with natural ingredients
  • Product packaging is recyclable and made from renewable sources whenever possible

Shipping & Returns: Due to strict shipping restrictions pertaining to liquids containing alcohol, our Hand & Surface Sanitizer is not eligible for returns. If you receive a damaged product, please email us at and we will send you a replacement product free of charge. 

Thank you for supporting small businesses and U.S. manufacturers! :)